About us

In 2009 Bristol Parent Carers was formed as an independent, parent-led organisation, providing the new way forward.

We aim to Reach out to more parent carers, Involve them in a variety of different exciting ways, Build on past good work and continue to provide a voice for all

We are a new group of parents and carers of children with disabilities and special needs who live in Bristol. For 20 years parent carers and parent support agencies in Bristol have worked in partnership with the local authorities to shape service provision for children and young people with disabilities and special needs. These initiatives have been successful in bringing about positive changes for parent carers and their children.

So why change?

• Only representatives of parent carers and officials attended meetings
• Innovative ways are needed to involve many more parent carers
• Government wants to strengthen the voice of parent carers
• New partnership groups are forming around the country

Thus, Bristol Parent Carers will provide the new way forward for Parent Carers living in Bristol!

What is participation?

Parent carer participation is when parent carers of children and young people with disabilities and special needs:

  • Learn how services work and how decisions are made
  • Share knowledge and expertise to make a difference
  • Are respected for their experience and input
  • Work in partnership with other parent carers, professionals and agencies to help shape the development of future services
  • Obtain vital information and new skills
  • Grasp a chance to become involved and be empowered

Support each other in the process of positive change.


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