Reps and Helpers

Caroline Temple Bird


Hi! I'm Caroline. I am one of a group of parent carers who helped set up Bristol Parent Carers in May 2010, when I said I would be Acting Chair - and have now been the Chair ever since! I got involved with participation because I like to find out what's going on, have my say, and help to bring about positive change.

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My son‎ (12) was initially diagnosed at 2 with ASD, and did not speak or become toilet trained until he was about 6 years old. Since then, he has been diagnosed with a specific speech and language impairment, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, OCD and MLD. This means I have experience of a wide range of service providers, over many years!

Before I had my son, I was an engineer working as a medical equipment management consultant ‎in many parts of the developing world. This meant I was working with Ministries of Health, Hospital Boards, and Training Colleges.

Getting out of my house and into BPC's office helps‎ me use that part of my brain that lay dormant for the first 7 years of my child's journey. It also enables me to be surrounded by my good friends who are also parent carers.

Lou Paget

LOU PAGET - Vice-Chair

Hello! I’m Lou and I’ve been with BPC for 4 years – which seems like a huge amount of time now!  I am tremendously proud of both the work BPC has done and the way we do it – and the other parent carers in the team are among my closest friends now.

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I am BPC’s Vice-Chair, which is both a really lovely position to hold and, at times, a very challenging one. I get the opportunity to get involved in all kinds of really interesting projects and also support the team in their work.

My son, Euan, is 10 years old (very nearly 11) and has a number of very colourful diagnoses, including ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder and sudden, severe asthma. My time with him is dominated by long chats about Doctor Who, Star Wars and Minecraft, volcanoes, dancing and telling ludicrous jokes.

Pearl Kofi

PEARL KOFI - Steering Group Member

I have been with BPC since its launch at the Council House back in 2010.
Being involved with BPC helps keep me in the loop with what is going on within the services and for families of children with disabilities. It also enables me to meet other parents who have special needs children.

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Volunteering with BPC  gets me out of the house, mixing with adults who understand what it is like to have a special needs child.  It enables me to volunteer my time in a meaningful way and to a cause which is close to my heart.

I am a steering group member and attend the steering group meetings held every 2 months.  I also help out at various information days, by manning the BPC stall or attending various consultation meetings with Bristol City Council or NHS.

I have a teenage daughter on the autistic spectrum, who attends a special needs school.  She is non-verbal and has learning difficulties.

 Lucas James

LUCAS JAMES - Steering Group Member

I'm Lucas, and I've been involved with BPC for four years.  I got involved because I was concerned about how lacking some services in Bristol were regarding  requirements for families with a child who has special needs.

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I am involved with personal budgets, wiki (Multimedia media person centred plan), and carers issues through Bristol Carers Voice and CSIG (carers Strategy implementation), which is about implementing Bristol's multi agency ( council and health) Carers Strategy.

I have three children, Kai (14), Quinn (12) and Seren (11).  Quinn and Seren go to a mainstream secondary school, while Kai goes to a special school.  He has a unique genetic condition (an unbalanced translocation of chromosomes 13 and 15) which has given him a long list of issues including severe learning difficulties, epilepsy, haemophilia, and many bone related abnormalities such as fused or dislocated joints.  We're currently in the process of adaptating our home so that Kai's room is downstairs, with wheelchair access to the front door and down to the garden.

 Nick Flaherty

NICK FLAHERTY - Organisational Secretary

Over the years, I’ve found every family with a child with complex needs has had to fight for the appropriate care for their child. Co-designing of services so that they work effectively for parents and children, rather than merely consulting on proposals, is one of the vital roles of Bristol Parent Carers, alongside supporting parents in many different ways.

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I am a freelance technology journalist and editor writing for magazines around the world, as well as a trainer, consultant and technology entrepreneur.

My daughter Rhia was born in 2008 with a very rare life-limiting metabolic disease that means she is non-mobile, non-verbal and registered deaf and blind. Despite this, she refuses to be defined by her condition and is a gorgeous, smiley young lady who loves cuddles and stories. She has a team of 37 professionals involved in her highly complex, and often unique, care in school, in the community and in hospital, with myself and her mother as her key workers.

 Maria Rees

MARIA REES - Steering Group Member & Support Group Facilitator

I have 2 sons with SEN, 25yrs and 12 yrs. My youngest son has a diagnosis of ASC, has Sensory difficulties and speech delay. I am one of the volunteers at BPC support groups and attend meetings on behalf of BPC. I have previously volunteered for Home Start.

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