Health focus group

Bristol Parent Carers hold meetings with parent carers and staff from NHS Bristol Trust, because they have asked us to help them improve the health services for disabled children and parent carers. If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities below - watch our calendar or email us.

Activities 2016-2017

Does your SEND child (0-25 yrs) have problems with Oral Health or Accessing Dental Services?

Bristol Parent Carers worked with professionals from Community and Hospital Dental Services and the University of Bristol, to discover what the issues are, what’s on offer, and what could be improved. We ran a survey and a participation workshop to gather parents’ views.

We discovered an array of things that can help you:-

Self-help strategies

Click here for a range of self help strategies, websites and resource. This document also refers to some useful booklets and leaflets – they can be downloaded here:-

Dental services available in Bristol to help families with SEND children

Click here for a description of the different types of dental service available to your child, how to access them, and what each one does.

We were very interested to discover that there is a Primary Care Dental Service especially for children with special needs. So if you are struggling to get your child to the dentist, or they are struggling once you get them there, please click here to read more about how this service can help

We also worked with South Bristol Community Hospital to make your child’s visit to the dentists there a better one. Please click here to discover what you should do before a visit.

Improving services

We undertook all of this work with a local group of health practitioners and researchers - Bristol Network for Equality in Early years health and wellbeing (BoNEE). Click here to read more about what they do.

From our survey and participation workshop, they captured the issues you face with your child’s oral/dental health, the barriers you/your child face accessing dental services, and the type of oral health services you would like to see in future. They are looking into how they can respond to these needs – and we will publicise any changes here, as they arise.


For any materials, click on our Downloadable Resources page.

To get involved in any of these activities, and share your skills with us, click on our Contact Us page.

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