Transitions focus group

Bristol Parent Carers holds meetings with parent carers and staff from Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol Trust, because they have asked us to help them improve the transition services provided for SEND young people (14+). If you want to participate in any of the opportunities listed below - watch our Calendar or email us.

To understand the starting point of our work and progress - vist our Past Achievements page.

Current Activities - 2014-2015

To improve the transition services provided for SEND young people (14+), we are currently working with the local authorities on:-

  1. Preparing for Adulthood: We have 4 parent carer trainers working with staff trainers to jointly deliver training courses on Preparing for Adulthood principles.

  2. Personal Budgets: We have 2 parent carer reps on the BCC working group which is developing how personal budgets will operate in Bristol when they are launched in Sept 2014. They are looking at what services can be provided through personal budgets and what form that could take. They are also working on the pilots (due in Sept) which should allow some parent carers to have personal budgets for travel to school, continence products, and short breaks. For more information on what a Personal Budget is see our pages on SEN Reforms.

  3. Transitions Pathways: We are working with Bristol NHS to finalise their transitions pathways from children's health service to adult ones. Do you want to get involved?

  4. The Integrated Service for 0-25 year olds.

  5. Under this service there is the new 18-25 yrs Care Management Team. This is made up of the Transitions Team, and the former Adult Health & Social Care's Learning Difficulties Disability Team). The new Team will cover a broader range of disabilities, and will take on new cases as teenagers become young adults.

To get involved in any of these activities, and share your skills with us, visit our Contact Us page.

For any materials, visit our Resources page.

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