Participation Event 2018

On Tuesday 26th June, parent carers and professionals are coming together at our annual event to help design services and improve support for your child (0-25 yrs) with special educational needs / disabilities. 

Recent changes to SEN support have been completed and we need you to tell us what is working well and where improvements are needed. Help us work with education, social care and community health professionals to make those improvements matter.

We'll be running two sessions (10:00 - 14:30) or (18:00 - 21:00) with the same content, so you can choose which is best for you at

Topics in each session include:

  • How SEN support works in schools
  • What changes in Social Care support will mean
  • Workshop: The New Findability
  • Workshop: Short Breaks Services from 2019

Join parent carers and professionals to help improve services

Hear from parent carers about their work and stay informed


We offer therapies during the daytime session.  For the FIRST TIME, this year we are also offering them during the EVENING session.  These are free for parents/carers - please book your 15 minute session when you arrive.

Please sign up for the event at which is open to all parent carers whose children use services in Bristol.


Participation Event 2017

Thank you for your interest in our recent annual event held on Tuesday 13th June 2017.

Here you will find links to most of the handouts and presentations from our 8th annual participation event - entitled Design the Help You Need.

Details and outcomes here

1. Bristol Parent Carers has worked on your key concerns over the last 12 months, and was happy to provide a "You Said, We Did, This Happened" presentation to highlight all the successful outcomes of our work with Bristol City Council and the NHS in Bristol. If you watch Video: Part 1 below you can hear all about it. You can download the slides here, along with a description of what participation means. We also have a summary of our Achievements for 2016-17 which shows that Participation works!

2. Video: Part 2 (below) covers our Education presentation and workshop topic. First there's a talk about how parent carers have helped to co-produce a new residential educational setting for young people post-16 - called Project Rainbow. Then there's an update on the results of the SEND Survey and what parent carers said about the issues their children/young people face as they transfer between educational settings - this was the lead into our first participation workshop on ways to improve transfers. Here are the slides to download. 

3. Next we had a News Round Up of 3 short presentations on recent improvements to service provision, shown in Video: Part 3:-

  • A system to help children/young people with Social Communication and Interaction Needs (with autistic-type symptoms but no diagnosis) - download the slides here, and go to the Findability Bristol website to download a leaflet. New courses for the parent carers of such children are now available - download the details here
  • The new online Toolkit for SEND in Education, developed to help parent carers and school/college staff to understand all the procedures and paperwork for SEN Support and for Education, Health and Care Plans. Download the slides here, The Toolkit is available on the Findability Bristol website - use this flyer to tell other parents all about it. 
  • An Intimate Care Pathway that helps school staff and parent carers to support children/young people with their behaviour during intimate care - here are the slides.

4. Video: Part 4 (below) covers our Birth-25 Service presentation and workshop topic. First there's a talk about how this integrated service brings together the education, health, and care departments that work with children/young people with SEND - read about it in these slides. Then there was a quiz to help us understand the range of support we can access without a social worker, without an EHC Plan, and without a diagnosis - see the important What You Can Access Summary here. Then there's a discussion on what the "Front door" of the service will look like - which led into our second workshop to co-design more user-friendly ways to access services.

5. Lastly, Video: Part 5 is simply us saying thanks and goodbye.


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