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About us

Bristol Parent Carers is an independent, parent-led organisation working with Bristol City Council and the health services to improve services.

We aim to reach out to more parent carers, involve them in a variety of different exciting ways, build on past good work and aim to provide a voice for all

What is participation?

Parent carer participation is when parent carers of children and young people with disabilities and special needs:

  • Learn how services work and how decisions are made
  • Share knowledge and expertise to make a difference
  • Are respected for their experience and input
  • Work in partnership with other parent carers, professionals and agencies to help shape the development of future services
  • Obtain vital information and new skills
  • Grasp a chance to become involved and be empowered

Please sign up to support this work at https://www.bristolparentcarers.org.uk/index.php/contact-us/register


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