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What you can do

Bristol Parent Carers is a new organisation that provides an exciting way for parent carers to come together and improve the lives of all families that have children with disabilities, special needs and life-limiting conditions.

Getting involved with Bristol Parent Carers - why bother?

Many parent carers say they are so busy tearing their hair out just trying to manage everyday life with a disabled child that they don’t feel they have a moment of time for anything else. They keep getting flyers saying do this, and emails about joining that – and don’t know if they have any energy to spare. We all can relate to this. So they ask us “What has this parent participation thing got to do with me?”

And we say, think of:

  • Parent carer participation as a vehicle.
  • We all need to get into the vehicle.
  • To get us where we need to go – to a place where our lives are improved.

But what type of vehicle do we need? We say think of the vehicle as an elephant !

Maybe you know the expression about the elephant in the room – the big issue that’s always there but never talked about? As we try to lead our lives like anyone else, we have this big issue of our child’s disability always present dominating everything we do - this is our “elephant in the room”.

We need to talk about the elephant to make people understand what our lives are like. We know that we can all get together and talk and complain!But we need to talk about our lives for a purpose:

  • to create a greater understanding of our needs, and
  • to improve service provision.

So let’s embrace the elephant!

Let’s climb on board the elephant, and allow it to take us where we need to go.

The new model for Parent Carer Participation in Bristol is our elephant!

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