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How to get involved?

For a detailed description of the new model for Parent Carer Participation in Bristol, you can click on What is Parent Participation?

You can get involved by:

  • being placed on Bristol Parent Carers’ mailing list for updates on the parent carer participation process.
  • attending the next Bristol Parent Carers event.
  • being a member of the Steering Group.
  • being a member of any of our 4 current focus groups working on:-
    • transition from child services to adult services
    • specialist education provision
    • effective information
    • access to social care services
  • helping to develop the website.
  • signing up for training opportunities to develop skills in:-
    • public speaking
    • parent participation
    • developing and running a website
  • helping in any other way that you can tell us about.

Reasons for getting involved

People get involved with Bristol Parent Carers for a whole range of different reasons. Perhaps you want:

  • to know what’s going on.
  • to have your say.
  • to improve things.
  • to learn something new.
  • to share your skills.
  • to join with others in a similar situation.

This is your organisation, so the aim is for as many parent carers to get involved as possible.In this way we can share the load, and the time required from any one parent is reduced.

So join together, stay in touch, and get your voice heard!

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