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Here you will find interesting links about people and organisations in the Bristol area.

Making the difference


You might like to start the New Year being enthused and motivated by the achievements of a young man who has Down Syndrome. Oliver is 16 years old and last November we held his first photography exhibition - the purpose of which was two-fold. It was firstly to improve and boost the self esteem of a young man who has Down Syndrome and who is starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, he might really be able to become a landscape and wildlife photographer one day and secondly it was to improve and raise positive public awareness around expectations and hopes for young people who have disabilities.

The exhibition was a great success. To be honest I think people came to be ‘kind’ and then were genuinely surprised by the quality of the photography and by all the canvasses and mounted and framed prints available.

We had a huge number of people who contacted us saying we should really use this as a ‘launch-pad’ for Oliver’s ‘career’ and that we absolutely HAD to set up a website – and so we have.

If you would like to find out a bit more about Oliver and ‘his story’ and/or just want to see some examples of his work – if you want to buy some cards or prints to give as a particularly positive gift – or just want to have a look and pass on the details to other people and parents you know who might be encouraged and inspired by this young man then please take a look at the website.

URL: http://www.oliverhellowell.com

Child friendly books

Suzie books

Simple and child friendly, fun and bright,  aimed at 2-5 year olds, for parents/carers and children to enjoy, to relate to, to know that they are not alone with the challenges that they daily face with their child with extra needs.

The stories so far are:-

  • Suzie goes to the Hairdressers - Aimed to help the child see that having a haircut is fun and there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Suzie's New Food Day - Aimed to encourage children to try new and healthy foods.
  • Suzie's Star Chart - Showing that the things you do can be rewarded.
  • Suzie Goes On An Aeroplane - A story about flying for the first time
  • Suzie's Bathtime - A story of the bath routine.
  • Suzie's Toilet Time - The toilet is a safe place and is not scary to use.
  • Suzie Moves House - Helping understand change in going to a new house.

Written by a mum from Bristol who recently gave up her job as a teaching assistant and began writing children's stories based on her experiences with her child who was diagnosed with Aspergers nearly 2 years ago. Charlotte has done her own illustrations as an idea of what she is aiming for, and they are being revised by a professional illustrator.

URL: http://www.suziebooks.co.uk

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