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Focus groups

Our Focus Groups

The people who come to our participation events participate in workshops where they express their thoughts on key issues. From these discussions we set up our focus groups. Currently Bristol Parent Carers has focus groups looking at:-

What We Do

  • the Education provision for SEN and disabled children.
  • the Preparing for adulthood service.
  • the Assessments used to gain access to social care and other support, including access to short breaks
  • how Information is provided for and distributed to parent carers.
  • how Health authorities (such as the Children's Hospital) deal with patients with disabilities and special needs.
  • any Community Health issues, such as nappy provision.
  • how Short Breaks are provided now and how this might change in future.

The focus groups hold meetings of parent carers, local authority staff, and other stakeholders who work together throughout the year to make progress on these issues. We do this in a number of ways:-

  1. by identifying small discrete tasks that the focus group can complete.
  2. by preparing reports on parent carers' views (to see all materials, click on our Downloadable Resources page.)
  3. by placing BPC members on local authority strategy boards/groups to contribute the voice of parent carers to large pieces of work being undertaken.
  4. by making parent carers available for local authority consultation exercises.

Please come and get involved in any of these activities, or share your skills with us!  To see what each focus group is doing, click on their pages.

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