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Hospitals focus group

Bristol Parent Carers holds meetings with parent carers and staff from Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol Trust, because they have asked us to help them improve the social care assessment services provided for disabled children and parent carers, as part of their Carers Strategy. If you want to participate in any of the opportunities listed below - watch our calendar or email us.

Issue: You don't want to have to keep repeating your child/young person's story every time you use Bristol Children's Hospital
Result:  The existing Hospital Passport is being improved/updated.
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Over time, Bristol Parent Carers has worked with Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BCH) on their introduction and use of a Hospital Passport - a document to help children with life-long disabilities when going to hospital. The Hospital Passport provides staff with information about your child during a hospital visit, and alerts them to important information or specific requirements your child might have. If you think your child is going to need BCH services regularly - it is well worthwhile getting ready and applying for a Hospital Passport beforehand

Currently BPC reps are working with BCH on further improvements to the Passport itself, and how it's used by staff with families. When a revised Passport is available - I will let you know. BCH has recently agreed that Passport holders who have a blue badge, can get a permit to allow extended time in their drop-off parking area.

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