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Information focus group

Bristol Parent Carers hold meetings with parent carers and staff from Bristol City Council (BCC) and NHS Bristol Trust, because they have asked us to help them improve the information provided about services for disabled children and parent carers, as part of their Carers Strategy. If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities listed below - watch our calendar or email us.

Progress and Achievements 2010-2011, and Activities 2011-2012

Parent Carers asked "Is there a way to co-ordinate the production and dessemination of information for parent carers?"

What Bristol Parent Carers did:

  • Arranged consultation meetings with the Family Information Service (FIS), and with providers of information within NHS Bristol Trust.
  • Collaborated with the FIS and its web designers on a plan to develop a new website linked to the '1 Big Database' and 'Bristol Parenting Hub' directories, so that information on disability and parent carer issues can be accessed more easily.
  • Submitted a report to BCC's Carers Strategy Implementation Group asking for funding for the website.
  • Liaised with the Disabled Children's Team and the Aiming High Project on the information they provide.

What the local authorities did:

  • Committed funds to develop BCC's new website for parent carer/disability issues.
  • NHS Bristol is setting up 3 new Specialist Children's Centres (health & assessment centres and pre-schools combined) for South, North, and East/Central Bristol - they will contain information hubs. The first ones have opened at llminster Avenue in Knowle, and at Barton Hill - the other one will follow at Southmead.
  • The Disabled Children's Team (DCT) revised the contents of some of its leaflets and information packs.
  • Merged their two disability newsletters (produced by the DCT and Aiming High Project) with Bristol Parent Carers' newsletter into one document - Findability News!
What we are doing now:
  • Helping with the look, design, and testing of the new Findability website - would you like to be involved?
What we are planning:
  • To collaborate with Barnardos, who have been asked to redesign NHS Bristol literature, when they look at information for disabled children and their families - would you like to be involved?

What we discovered:

  • The local authorities have a great many services for disabled children and their families, but it is often difficult to find out about them.
  • The 'Find It Out' green handbook for families with disabled children will not be reprinted, but its contents are on the 1 Big Database directory - unfortunately it is currently difficult to extract disability-specific information from the vast number of items on the database.
  • The new Findability website for parent carers/disabilities will be a 'portal' on the 1 Big Database, and will filter the information to show us things of relevance to us.
  • This new portal will also be used to advertise the short breaks on offer by local authorities (see the Assessment Focus Group page).
  • Information found on the portal/directory is only any good if the organisations providing it update it regularly - this is not the responsibility of the portal/directory host but the organisations providing the services.

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