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Paralympics Sport Research

Hello, My name is Alastair Crees, Im currently in my second year at UWE. We are in the pre production stages of one of our projects, we have chosen to produce a documentary about whether the Paralympics inspired a generation. We are hoping the documentary will highlight deeper issues that need to be addressed in terms of equality in disability. There is no doubt that the Paralympics portrayed a positive side to disability however, did all this positivity have a knock on effect by shielding from the general public some of the real concerns people with disabilities have in day to day life. We currently have access to a well known local Paralympian, Ibrahima Diallo. He was a star in the GB Cerebral Palsy football team, he has agreed to explain his journey to the Paralympics. We would love to hear everybody's thoughts about the Paralympics. From what I gathered from some stories in the media their are some mixed opinions in regards to the medias portrayal of disability in the Paralympics. We want to highlight those issues in our documentary. If you send me any relevant emails/ phone numbers that would be brilliant. Thanks, Alastair Crees This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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