Autism and More in Schools

This page is exclusively accessible to schools actively participating in this exciting programme. We kindly request that you do not share this link with colleagues.

The ‘Autism and More in Schools’ project is a collaborative effort between Bristol Parent Carers and Bristol Autism Team. Bristol Parent Carers was established 10 years ago and registered as a charity in February 2022. We are a primarily a volunteer based organisation and we help shape local SEND services based on the feedback schools and families provide us with. The funding for this project was secured via NHS England and you can read more about it here.

Selected schools in Bristol have been identified to participate in this project, providing them with free support and information via Bristol Autism Team to assist all learners in their schools and particularly those with neurodivergent needs.

Bristol Parent Carers will also host SEND coffee mornings in each school. When requested, we will ensure that colleagues from across the SEND community also attend, tailoring the coffee morning to meet the specific needs of your school. These dynamic initiatives are designed to foster strong working relationships and create a positive, supportive atmosphere within each school.

This collaborative approach aims to establish ‘mini forums’ and support networks within each school. As schools gain confidence, our hope is that forum representatives can work alongside school staff using the principles of co-production. This will provide parent/carers with unique opportunities to engage, share their experiences, and work together in a solutions-focused manner to drive improvements.

We offer the flexibility to tailor the package of support your school can access. Click on the links below to explore each offer further; we are anticipating that all information will be on this page by January at the latest.