Sensory Processing Difficulties

Working collaboratively with a host of professionals, we bring you an informative video aimed at supporting your child or young person.


Presented by Occupational Therapist Debbie Meintjes. This presentation provides practical ideas for supporting children with specific sensory needs; Tactile, Visual, Auditory, Taste/Oral, Olfactory, Vestibular, Proprioception and Interoception.

1. Tactile System
2. Vestibular System
3. Proprioceptive System
4. Visual System
5. Auditory System
6. Taste System
7. Smell System
8. Interoception System

Download the three printable PDF’s below to help support you.

Download: Sensory Based Difficulties
Download: The Vestibular System
Download: Proprioception

CLICK HERE to visit ‘Your Kids Table’ resource page. Recommended during the video for sensory eating concerns.

Last updated: 08/11/2021