Bristol Autism Support update

Bristol Autism Support (BAS) turned 8 last month, formally became a registered charity last November and became a membership organisation in February. BAS is currently developing a mailing of wellbeing packs for their members which include some pampering treats and information about mental health support and relaxation activities.

BAS will continue to run their phone support service over the summer. This is generally a members-only service but they also use it to support families referred to them. In September, they will re-start their Buddy Scheme, which is a 6-week mentoring service for parents who are new to autism.

At the beginning of lockdown, they piloted some small ZOOM groups where the same people met each week. Due to the success of these, they will  run these as a standard offering from September. BAS will also be running their popular What Do I Do Now? parent course online from September, and they have a general ZOOM ‘drop-in’ each week as well.

To learn more about free membership with BAS and take advantage of everything they have to offer, click: MEMBERSHIP.